What if I get attached?
The short answer is that the few fosters we do have do become attached. Most have decided that they want to save several lives rather than just one and choose to let the animal move on so that they can then help another animal. Falling for the animal just gives another indication that he was worth saving!

Our long term fosters have discovered how rewarding it is to get pictures and email updates from the new families. These happy moments make it worthwhile to foster again and again. Even the ones who only foster one time have said that it is a great experience and was awesome when their foster animal found its forever home!

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1. What is fostering?
2. How long does it last?
3. What am I responsible for?
4. What kind of dogs / cats are these? Are they aggressive?
5. What special things do I need to have in order to foster?
6. Why should I foster?
7. What if I get attached?
8. How do I begin?