What kind of dogs / cats are these? Are they aggressive?
Well, we certainly hope not. Nacogdoches Animal Shelter evaluates the dogs and cats prior to agreeing to claim the dogs / cats. Many are either strays or were given up by their previous owners for many reasons. The main issues we have with these dogs / cats are that they have little to no training and they are generally attention starved.

Some might have health issues such as heartworm positive tests. We treat these dogs and then try to get them placed. Some are older; some are young and still silly. These dogs, as a rule, are very good-natured dogs that just need to learn how to live with a family that truly deserve some love and attention.

Nacogdoches Animal Shelter will never knowingly place animals in foster care if the animal has bitten someone or shows any signs of aggression.

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1. What is fostering?
2. How long does it last?
3. What am I responsible for?
4. What kind of dogs / cats are these? Are they aggressive?
5. What special things do I need to have in order to foster?
6. Why should I foster?
7. What if I get attached?
8. How do I begin?