What am I responsible for?
We ask that the foster parents please provide good quality dog food. We also would like the foster home to give the dog some basic training such as housebreaking, sit, and leash manners, anything to make the dog / cat more appealing.

Nacogdoches Animal Shelter and Humane Society will manage the veterinary care and generally any extenuating training situations. Nacogdoches Animal Shelter can provide a crate for dogs, so the foster can limit the puppy damage of an untrained youngster.

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1. What is fostering?
2. How long does it last?
3. What am I responsible for?
4. What kind of dogs / cats are these? Are they aggressive?
5. What special things do I need to have in order to foster?
6. Why should I foster?
7. What if I get attached?
8. How do I begin?