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May 04

Love Your Shelf Podcast

Posted to Nacogdoches Public Library by Crystal Hicks

Listen to our new podcast, Love Your Shelf, with library staffers Crystal and Emily. Expect book and viewing recommendations, behind the scenes info, and maybe even some debunking of library myths.
Check it out here! Love Your Shelf Podcast
Jun 25

Zion Hill Update - June 2021

Posted to Zion Hill Restoration by Jessica Sowell

Over the last month it has been progress, progress, progress at the Zion Hill Church! The interior of the building is now completely covered by scaffolding - this is put in place so the workers can access and work on hard-to-reach parts of the building. Extensive structural carpentry was completed this month including replacing rotten studs, reinforcing the roof, bracing the southeast corner and installing a 22ft structural column in the southeast corner that will provide essential structural integrity for years to come. The column weighs in at approximately 750lbs and had to be carefully placed, after a few test runs, so that it would reinforce the structure but not put pressure anywhere else.

The biggest, most noticeable, progress we've made this month is starting on the roof replacement! Marsh Waterproofing, our subcontractor for that portion of the project, has been on site removing old shingles and replacing decking as needed. The roof will be done in sections to make sure any and all rotten wood is found and replaced.

IMG_0373[1] (1)
As if this project wasn't already exciting enough - we've added stinging insects to the mix! Bees were found in the brick work under the southeast door and since we'd like to do our part of save the dwindling honeybee population, we're working with a local bee keeper to relocate the colony. You never know what you'll find during a restoration!