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May 04

Love Your Shelf Podcast

Posted to Nacogdoches Public Library by Crystal Hicks

Listen to our new podcast, Love Your Shelf, with library staffers Crystal and Emily. Expect book and viewing recommendations, behind the scenes info, and maybe even some debunking of library myths.
Check it out here! Love Your Shelf Podcast
Feb 11

Zion Hill Update - February 2021

Posted to Zion Hill Restoration by Historic Sites

Love & Lead Paint
Thank you all so much for not only supporting the Zion Hill restoration project but also for taking an active role in it! The Nacogdoches County Historical Foundation has generously allowed the City to store the Zion Hill pews in their storage during the church restoration. These pews will be accessed and we will decide which pews can be restored and which ones will have to be rebuilt.

Due to a brief delay due to an insurance issue, the lead paint encapsulation will being in February. Once the paint encapsulation is completed we will be able to begin rough carpentry to fix the long standing stability issues caused by a roof leak.

Cox Contractors will be using any "rain days" to start removing old utilities to give the subcontractors a little more room to work. They will remove things like old wiring, duct work, restroom fixtures and exposed pipes.

Abatement vs. Encapsulation

Lead paint wasn’t banned in the US until 1978 and therefore is usually something you encounter during historic restoration. Once lead paint has been identified, either encapsulation or abatement has to be performed. Encapsulation, which involves prepping walls to remove all loose paint and then applying a special liquid coating sufficient to encapsulate (or seal in) the lead paint underneath, is the most common.

The alternative is abatement (sometimes ordered by a state or local governments), which is the total removal of lead paint performed by an abatement company licensed to safely strip a building of all lead paint.