Incident Management Team

Nacogdoches Fire & Rescue is home to the Pineywoods Incident Management Team, a Type III All Hazard unit developed to support large scale or long duration incidents. The team is part of the Lone Star State Incident Management Team coordinated by the Texas A&M Forest Service. Nacogdoches firefighters, along with other city officials and representatives from Nacogdoches and adjacent counties provide personnel with expertise in all areas of incident management.
Incident Management Team Logo
All Nacogdoches firefighters are trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and most firefighters have received additional training and experience in various command and general staff roles.

Nacogdoches firefighters have served in deployments across the United States in logistics, command, operations and planning capacities. These responses, made at the request of the State, are reimbursed by the Texas A&M Forest Service through interlocal agreements.