The patrol division is the largest division within the Nacogdoches Police Department. The patrol division is broken into three units Nacogdoches Consolidated Communications Center, Patrol Unit and the Special Operations Unit, each working in their areas of specialized training.

Consolidated Communication Center

(County Wide 911, City Fire and Police, Sheriff Office and Volunteer Fire and First Responders)
The Communication Center personnel is the first person you talk to when you call with an emergency; therefore, they are vitally important to the community.

The communication center dispatches calls from the Communication Center through a computer-aided dispatch system (CAD). This system has helped not only in response time, but also in accurate record keeping which is a major responsibility for Public Safety. Communication employees are well trained in order to provide citizens with the best response possible.

Patrol Unit

There are three patrol shifts. Two of the shifts working a 12 hour shifts which begin at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. giving the City 24 hour protection. The third shift works a 10 hour shift and is to be used for additional coverage for special enforcement actions as well as busy times of the week. Each shift is overseen by a lieutenant as well as a Sergeant.

The patrol unit primary duties are:
  • Neighborhood patrol
  • Initial Investigation of crimes such as theft, robberies, burglaries and crimes against a person
  • Community services
  • General enforcement of federal, state, and local laws.

Special Operations

Traffic Unit

Each officer in this unit has received specialized training in the area of traffic accidents, to include each officer being a certified accident reconstructionists. Each of the officers assigned to the traffic unit are also certified child safety seat technicians, assisting the public with the proper installation of their child safety seats and all are breath test operators.

Traffic unit primary duties are:
  • Investigation of accidents within the City
  • General enforcement of State traffic laws
  • Reconstruction of major accidents involving serious bodily injury or death
  • Community services

Street Crimes Unit

The street crime unit commits a large portion of its time to enforcement of drug related offenses. Officers assigned to the unit receive specialized training in the use of specialized equipment commonly used in this area of enforcement. The street crimes unit is also heavily utilized in special enforcement details.

Street crime unit primary duties are:
  • Investigations of drug related offenses
  • Underage tobacco and alcohol related offenses
  • Community services
  • High crime area enforcement
  • General enforcement of federal, state, and local laws.

K-9 unit

The K-9 unit commits the majority of its time to the enforcement in the area narcotics trafficking. The officer assigned to this unit receives specialized training in dog handling as well as in the area of narcotic detection.

The K-9 unit primary duties are:
  • Handling and care of a certified narcotics detection dog
  • Enforcement of narcotic related trafficking laws
  • Community services
  • General enforcement of federal, state, and local laws.

Lake Officer

The lake officer is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for Lake Nacogdoches. Currently this position is filled by a retired Texas Parks and Wildlife Officer that patrols mainly during high use times of the lake.

The Lake officer primary duties are:
  • Regular patrol of the lake and City parks
  • Assisting the public utilizing the lake when needed
  • Enforcement of State wildlife laws