Parks, Trails, Lakes and Cemeteries

Parks Information 

The Parks and Recreation Departments are responsible for the maintenance of all city parks and the rental of park pavilions and Liberty Hall. There are 17 covered pavilions that can be reserved at different parks throughout the city and Lake Nacogdoches. Reservations can be made through the Recreation Center. 

Disc Golf Courses


Lanana Creek Trail Information

The Lanana Creek Trail is now more accessible from the North side of Nacogdoches. Grant funding and volunteer power helped to add another 1.8 miles to the existing 5.1 miles of recreational trail. Sidewalk underpasses were built beneath Main Street for access to the Clint Dempsey Soccer Complex and Austin Street for access to the new trail path. Map of the walking and biking trail.

Lake Information

Lake Nacogdoches is a 2210 acre reservoir located 10 miles southwest of the city on FM 225. 
Texas Parks and Wildlife information on Lake Nacogdoches
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