State law requires juveniles, defined as persons less than 17 years of age, to appear in person with a parent or legal guardian. All juvenile cases are heard by the Judge and the fine may not be paid at the window until the defendant has appeared before the Judge.

If a juvenile fails to obey an order of the court under circumstances that would constitute contempt of court, the judge, after providing notice and an opportunity to be heard, may refer the child to the appropriate juvenile court for delinquent conduct for contempt of the court order, or retain jurisdiction of the case, hold the juvenile in contempt of the court and order either or both of the following:
  • Pay a fine not to exceed $500.00
  • Order the Department of Public Safety suspend the juvenile’s driver’s license or permit or;
  • If the juvenile does not have a license or permit, to deny the issuance of a license or permit to the juvenile until the juvenile fully complies with the order of the court.


Expunction Form
A person may apply to the court in which the person was convicted to have the conviction expunged as provided by this article on or after the person’s 17th birthday.