Historic Preservation

The City of Nacogdoches has five National Register Historic Districts, as well as several properties that are individually designated as historic properties. The City  places high priority on the preservation of our history and historic structures. The Community Services Department regularly works with property owners to help them preserve, restore and promote their historic properties. Please read the information below about Historic Preservation in Nacogdoches!

Historic Preservation Photos

Zion Hill Baptist Church

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Virginia Ave. Home

4F1DA40F-AB44-42CC-96EC-2412D43D556D - Haley Larson

Fredonia Hotel


The Jones House B&B


Sterne-Hoya District Home

After 1 (2)

Downtown Business


Downtown Business


Downtown Business



Properties located within one of the five (5)  Historic Overlay Districts or individually designated as historic are required to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness application BEFORE work is done to the exterior of the building. This application is then reviewed by the Historic Landmark Preservation Committee (HLPC) at their monthly meeting. This ensures that proposed updates or alterations are consistent with the historic nature of the structure or site. 


The forms below are your first steps in any restoration project, proposed demolition, historic overlay designation or grant application.

If you would like more information on Historic Preservation, or if you live in one of these districts, please read Chapter 50 of the Nacogdoches City Ordinance for laws that pertain to your property.

Restoration styles and recommendations for Nacogdoches can be found in our Nacogdoches Design Guidelines located here.


If you would like to research the history of your building, please start with the City of Nacogdoches Historic Sites Survey. The survey was conducted first in 1986, again in 1992 and most recently in 2010. To see the maps, documents, photos and the completed survey, visit this site: http://www.sfasu.edu/heritagecenter/622.asp

Contact Us:

Our staff is always happy to talk to property owners, or potential property owners, about properties under historic overlay. Please contact the Historic Preservation Officer with any questions:

Jessica Sowell, Historic Preservation Officer (HPO)

936-559-2940 or Email

Grant Funding

Historic Restoration Grant

Properties located in any of these five historic overlay districts are eligible for an annual Historic Restoration Grant for work done on the exterior of the property and are eligible for the Historic Preservation Award.

 The 2024 Historic Restoration Grant (HRG) Application will open in September! This grant is open to anyone who owns a property in a historic district or has a property that is individually designated as historic. 

Main Street Beautification Grant

Properties located in the Downtown Historic District are eligible for the $1,500 Main Street Beautification Grant. More information on this grant can be found here: https://nactx.us/1490/Main-Street-Beautification-Grant