Zion Hill Baptist Church

Zion Hill Baptist Church

General Information:

Zion Hill Baptist Church was home to one of the oldest African American Baptist congregations in Texas. The congregation was founded in 1878 by Reverend Lawson Reed and has occupied four different buildings during its life. Zion Hill was the social and religious center for members of the Zion Hill community and African American’s in Nacogdoches.

Zion Hill Baptist Church, which sits on the corner of Lanana and Bois d’arc streets, was built in 1914 by famed architect Diedrich Rulfs.

The Zion Hill congregation moved from this building in 1987 and except for a brief occupancy by a non-profit organization, the building has been vacant. Zion Hill is still undergoing an extensive interior restoration and is not open to the public at this time.

For the most up to date information on this restoration project, please read our monthly updates.
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