Historic Landmark Preservation Committee


Seven (7) members


3 year terms


Community Services


All members of the Historic Landmark Preservation Committee (HLPC), regardless of background, shall have a known and demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation within the City. Consideration will be given to the following recommended professions: architecture, planning or other design profession; historian; licensed real estate broker; property owner of a landmark or in a historic district; attorney; or archaeologist or related discipline. The powers of HLPC shall include:
  • Prepare rules, procedures, reports and specific design guidelines;
  • Adopt criteria, conduct surveys, maintain inventory and recommend designation of historic, architectural and cultural landmarks;
  • Prepare rules and procedures, create subcommittees and maintain minutes recording all actions of HLPC;
  • Make recommendations for use of funds to promote preservation of landmarks and historic districts;
  • Approve or disapprove certificates of appropriateness;
  • Prepare and submit annual report to City Council and prepare design guidelines; and
  • Recommend incentive programs and acquisition of landmark structure.


NHLPC shall meet on the first Monday of each month at 4 p.m. Special meetings may be called at any time by the chair or at the written request of two committee members.

Current Board Members