Airport Advisory Board


Five (5) regular members and two (2) alternate members


Two (2) years



Airport Advisory Board shall be an advisory board to City Council. It may establish its own rules and regulations for meetings and proceedings. Its recommendations may be presented to City Council as needed. Airport Advisory Board shall advise City Council and make recommendations on the following matters:
  • Master planning for use, expansion and development of the airport and its property;
  • Construction, expansion, improvements, maintenance and operation of the airport;
  • Consultant selection for various planning and construction projects;
  • Selection of all fixed base operators and other lessees of airport property;
  • Terms, conditions, duties, responsibilities, consideration and other lease provisions to be contained in all lease arrangements concerning airport property;
  • Methods and matters in recruiting and creating interest at the airport;
  • Planning and developing airport services and working toward general improvement of the airport as an air transportation center; and
  • All other matters that may arise regarding the operation, facilities or services provided at the airport.


Once per quarter.

Board Members

Current Board Members