Stations & Apparatus

Station #1

Near the intersection of North Street and Austin, Station 1 was constructed in 1952. In the early to mid 70s an addition was made to the station to house the ladder truck. This station currently houses a 1996 Pierce Lance 75 foot quint (ladder/engine combination) and a 1993 Boardman International Engine.  The station is also home to the Water Rescue Team's trailer and three boats and houses a Nacogdoches County Hospital District ambulance.
Photo of Station 1

Station #2

Built in 1953 at the corner of East Main and Martin Luther King is station 2. There are two apparatus assigned to this station: a Custom 2002 Pierce Enforcer Engine and a Type III wildland engine.
Photo of Station 2

Station #3

Constructed in 1973 and remodeled in1996, this station is at the corner of Old Lufkin Road and SW Stallings Drive. A 2012 Pierce Engine, a 2010 Type VI wildland engine, and a 1994 Ford E-350 Rehab.  Station 3 is home to the NFD Shop and breathing air station where apparatus and equipment is maintained and made ready for response.
Photo of Station 3

Station #4

Built in 1988, this station is on North East Stallings drive beside the High School. Station 4 is home to a Pierce fire engine and a Type III wildland engine.
Photo of Station 4

Station #5

Built in 1951, this station is on the square in downtown Nacogdoches. Central Fire Station is home to Rescue 5, a 2004 Pierce medium-duty rescue that responds county-wide and a 1995 Pierce engine. Fire Station 5 is also the home to the Battalion Chief, the fire museum and administrative offices.
Photo of Station 5