Basketball 3X3

  • Each team shall consist of no more than 5 players. 2 Male 2 Female and 1 alternate. (3 players on the court with a Female on the court at all times.) Absolutely no coaches or substitutes on the court during time of play.
  • Game will be played for 1 period of 10 minutes or first team to score (21) points or more. If the score is tied after regular play time, overtime will be played. 1 minute of rest time will be granted before overtime starts. First team to 2 points in overtime will win the game. 
  • Scoring: shots from inside the arc shall be awarded 1 point, shots from outside the arc shall be awarded 2 points, successful free throws shall be awarded 1 point, successful shots in the X zone will be awarded 3 points, No charging in the “no charge zone” directly under the basket.
  • Each team is granted 1 time out. Any player or substitute can request a time-out when the ball becomes dead prior to a check-ball or free throw. All time outs last 30 seconds.
  • Games will begin at 6pm at C.L. Simon Recreation Center