Airport Advisory Board Bylaws



The name of the board is Airport Advisory Board.


The board shall be an advisory board to City Council. It may establish its own rules and regulations for meetings and proceedings. Its recommendations may be presented to City Council as needed. The board shall advise City Council and make recommendations on the following matters: 

  • Master planning for use, expansion and development of the airport and its property;

  • Construction, expansion, improvements, maintenance and operation of the airport;

  • Consultant selection for various planning and construction projects;

  • Selection of all fixed base operators and other lessees of airport property;

  • Terms, conditions, duties, responsibilities, consideration and other lease provisions to be contained in all lease arrangements concerning airport property;

  • Methods and matters in recruiting and creating interest at the airport;

  • Shall serve as the Airport Board of Adjustment where and as required by City ordinance;

  • Planning and developing airport services and working toward general improvement of the airport as an air transportation center; and

  • All other matters that may arise regarding the operation, facilities or services provided at the airport.


  1. The board is composed of five (5) regular and two (2) alternate members appointed by the city council.

  2. A member serves at the pleasure of the city council.

  3. Board members serve for a term of two years beginning in January on the year of appointment.

  4. To be eligible to serve as a board member, a person must be a United States of America citizen, resident of the county and not less than 21 years of age.  A minimum of two members of the board must hold at least a private pilot’s license.

  5. An individual board member may not act in an official capacity except through the action of the board.

  6. A board member shall not receive a salary or other compensation for services as a board member.

  7. Members shall complete Open Meetings Act Training within six (6) months of their appointment. Training shall be provided by the City Manager and the City Attorney.

  8. A board member who is absent for three consecutive regular meetings or one-third of all regular meetings in a "rolling" twelve month timeframe automatically vacates the member's position. This does not apply to an absence due to illness or injury of the board member, an illness or injury of a board member's immediate family member, active military service, or the birth or adoption of the board member's child for 90 days after the event. The board member must notify the staff liaison of the reason for the absence prior to the next regular meeting of the board. Failure to notify the liaison before the next regular meeting of the board will result in an unexcused absence.

  9. A board member who seeks to resign from the board shall submit a written resignation to the chair of the board, the staff liaison, or the city clerk's office. If possible, the resignation should allow for a thirty day notice so the city council can appoint a replacement.


  1. The officers of the board shall consist of a chair and a vice-chair.

  2. Officers shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the board at the first regular meeting of the board in January and shall take office, serving one year.

  3. In the event a current officer becomes ineligible to serve as an officer, the board may hold an emergency election as needed. 

  4. A person may not serve as an officer in a designated position of a board for more than four consecutive one year terms. A person who has served as an officer in a designated position of a board for four consecutive terms is not eligible for re-election to that designated office until the expiration of two years after the last date of the person's service in that office. The board may override the term limit provision for an officer by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the authorized board members.

  5. The chair shall preside at board meetings, represent the board at ceremonial functions, and approve each final meeting agenda.

  6. In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair shall perform all duties of the chair.


  1. Two or more board members may place an item on the agenda by oral or written request to the staff liaison at least seven (7) days before the meeting. After first consulting with and receiving input from the staff liaison, the chair shall approve each final meeting agenda.

  2. The staff liaison shall submit the meeting agenda to the city secretary not less than seven (7) days before the meeting.

  3. Posting of the agenda must comply with Texas Government Code Chapter 551 (Texas Open Meetings Act).


  1. The board meetings and notice of the meetings shall comply with Texas Government Code Chapter 551 (Texas Open Meetings Act).

  2. Board meetings shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

  3. The board may not conduct a closed meeting without the approval of the city attorney.

  4. The board shall meet bi-monthly. In November of each year, the board shall adopt a schedule of the meetings for the upcoming year, including makeup meeting dates for the holidays and cancelled meetings.

  5. The chair may call a special meeting, and the chair shall call a special meeting if requested by three or more members. The call shall state the purpose of the meeting. A board may not call a meeting in addition to its regular scheduled meetings as identified in its adopted meeting schedule, more often than once a quarter, unless the meeting is required to comply with a statutory deadline or a deadline established by Council.

  6. Three regular members constitute a quorum.  In the absence of a regular member, alternate members shall act as regular members.

  7. If a quorum for a meeting does not convene within one-half hour of the posted time for the meeting, then the meeting may not be held.

  8. To be effective, a board action must be adopted by affirmative vote of the number of members necessary to provide a quorum.

  9. The chair has the same voting privilege as any other member.

  10. The board shall allow citizens to address the board on agenda items and during a period of time set aside for citizen communications. The chair may limit a speaker to three minutes.

  11. The staff liaison shall prepare the board minutes. The minutes of each board meeting must include the vote of each member on each item before the board and indicate whether a member is absent or failed to vote on an item.


  1. Amendments to these bylaws must be agreed to by a majority of the board and approved by City Council.