Downtown Master Plan

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Downtown Master Plan - Aerial Photo of Downtown Nacogdoches at Dusk

The Downtown Master Plan is a major effort to consider recent growth, current trends, and best practices, and to define updates to the city’s policies to guide the next 20-30 years. The city is committed to updating its policies to address the issues of today and prepare for those that may arise. The process is an opportunity to consider the direction of the Downtown in light of current trends and community values and is an effort to proactively address topics that are important to you.

This plan will be a tool the community will use, to guide future growth in and around the Downtown in an appropriate and desired way, improving the quality of life of residents. They'll help plan growth over the years and guide our Downtown into the much-needed improvements while maintaining its history and charm, which we all love. The process will result in the development of a new Downtown Master Plan.

The process will last about 9-12 months and will include multiple opportunities for community input. The process will address topics important to you that will shape our Downtown for years to come. No one knows our Downtown like those who live, work, shop and play there. Share your ideas and feedback to ensure that the city’s direction represents the authentic voice of the community.


  • Downtown Master Plan Steering Committee - Miles McCall - Head Chairman, Greg Williams - Vice Chairman, John Anderson, Jay Anderson, Perky Beisel, Brandi Cartwright, Laura Culpepper, Amelia Fischer, Anne Keenhen, G. W. Neal, Ramsey Parr, Suzanne Patterson, Chay Runnels, Evelyn Sauceda, Betty Shinn, Benjamin Sullivan, & Mario Torres
  • Stakeholders - Various stakeholder groups will be convened to inform specific aspects of the vision. These groups include business leaders, neighborhood associations, real estate professionals and developers, education professionals, students, and young professionals, among others.
  • Public - Community participation is vital to Downtown Master Plan success. Various in-person workshops and online tools will offer more ways for the community to give input throughout the process.
  • City Staff - Jessica Sowell, Brian Bray, & Bethanie Griffin
  • Elected officials - Jay Anderson & Amelia Fischer (serving as members of the steering committee)
  • Consultants - The City will select a consultant to facilitate the process and share their experience from working with other successful communities.



For questions regarding the Downtown Master Plan process, contact Jessica Sowell, Community Services Assistant Director at 936-559-2940 or

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