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Neighborhood Clean-up Day - April 15th, 8am-12pm


WHAT: 1st Southeast Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

WHEN: April 15th, 8am-12pm

WHERE: Robert McCrimmon Park, 2130 Woden Rd.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Bring your unwanted trash & household items for disposal. 

ITEMS ACCEPTED: Household Trash, Furniture, & Passenger Tires (limit 5) 

For Questions Contact Code Enforcement : (936) 559-2558/ 2520 

Flyers: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

The Code Enforcement division seeks to enhance neighborhoods and our citizen’s health, safety, and general welfare through proactive and reactive City code enforcement. All action shall be conducted in a responsive and fair manner focusing on customer service and public awareness while respecting the property rights of our citizens.

The overall goal of the Code Enforcement staff is not to continually generate large numbers of Public Nuisance cases from year to year, but to actually decrease the caseload year to year by educating citizens as to the importance and need for code compliance.

The City of Nacogdoches has a Code of Ordinances which includes all the regulations governing the City. Many of these regulations are written for the express purposes of providing for the safety of our citizens. The section of code dealing with property maintenance is just one such example.  


Code Enforcement includes but is not limited to:

  • High Grass and Weeds

  • Junk and Abandoned Vehicles

  • Illegal Dumping

  • The accumulation of Rubbish and/or Trash on Properties

  • The Removal of Dilapidated Structures

Property maintenance is an essential component for providing for the safety of our citizens. The City’s property maintenance code provides for the maintenance of both external and internal structures as well as the upkeep of the property beyond the building. 

Code Enforcement Top Priorities

High Grass and Weeds

Not only are high grass and weeds unsightly eyesores on our City; but they pose a fire hazard, block visibility for drivers, harbor rodents and snakes, and contribute to pests like mosquitoes and chiggers. Nacogdoches city code says that property owners are responsible for maintaining their yards and vacant lots. Any lot with grass and weeds that are 12 inches or higher is a violation. 

Illegal Dumping

"Illegal dumping" is putting trash, garbage, waste and/or anything discarded where it doesn't belong, whether or not the person dumping owns the property. Putting trash in a dumpster that is not yours is a crime, including the City of Nacogdoches dumpsters. 

If you see illegal dumping happening live and would like to report it, call the Police Department at (936) 559-2607 immediately (anonymously if you wish).

Junk Vehicles

Not all Junk Vehicles are obvious as junk. "Junked Vehicles" means any motor vehicle which is self-propelled and:

1. Does not have lawfully attached to it;

a) An unexpired license plate; or

b) A valid motor vehicle inspection certificate; and


2. is wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or


3. is inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than;

a) 72 consecutive hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or

b) 30 consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property.

Trash & Debris

Trash & Debris refers to trash and junk on the property that is not set out for collection. Old junk, garbage, tires, rubbish, furniture, appliances, car parts, or anything else stored outside can be dangerous and hazardous. To report trash and debris in your neighborhood call (936) 559-2520.

Violators are issued a warning notice to perform specific action within an allotted time frame. If the warning notice goes unheeded, violators will find themselves facing a fine. Costs for "forced clean-up" result in liens being filed against the property.

Report a Code Violation

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