Open Forum


The Nacogdoches City Council welcomes public comments at regularly scheduled meetings. In addition to public comment on agenda items, the City Council offers an open forum whereby citizens may comment on governance issues over which the City of Nacogdoches has domain. Pursuant to the instructions and rules of procedure set forth below, citizens may address City Council during the “Open Forum” listed on the agenda.

Instructions and Rules of Procedure:

  1. In order to address the City Council during the Open Forum portion of the agenda, you must first complete this form and give it to the City Secretary prior to the start of the meeting. Forms will not be accepted after the meeting starts.
  2. Please remember to step to the podium when you are recognized by the Mayor and state your name and address before beginning your presentation. If speaking on behalf of an organization or other group, identify the group represented.
  3. Speakers’ time may not be pooled or given to other speakers.
  4. All presentations by citizens are limited to no more than three (3) minutes.
  5. In order to ensure that meetings are conducted in an efficient manner, the number of citizens who may speak during the Open Forum is limited to the first five (5) citizens who submit fully completed participation forms. Presentations will be made in the order completed participation forms are received.
  6. If you have written remarks or printed material you wish to present to the City Council, please furnish them to the City Secretary.
  7. Speakers should address all remarks to the City Council as a whole, not to individual members.
  8. All persons who complete a Citizen Open Forum Participation Form, whether or not allowed to speak, may submit written comments or exhibits to the City Secretary.
  9. In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, members of the City Council shall not discuss, deliberate, or make any decisions since the topic of your presentation is not a specific posted agenda item.
  10. No shouting or cursing is allowed at City Council meetings. Purposefully disrupting a public meeting is a violation of state law, and may result in the offending party being made to leave the meeting and can lead to criminal charges.

Passed and approved February 16, 2016.